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The Mauritius Yellow Pages Classifieds contains multiple databases, as well as sophisticated database search features. For example, you could search for apartments with between one and three bedrooms, that have at least 1.5 bathrooms, that are located in a certain city, that have monthly rents within a specific price range, and that have specific amenities such as a fireplace, microwave, etc. It uses our sophisticated Secure Logon system that allows you to logon once and have the program "remember" you from screen to screen so that you don't have to login again. It also adds a sophisticated short results ad table format that allows you to instantly resort your search results on the fly, and it includes a nice navigation bar that allows you to easily jump to other groups of results (instead of always having to clik on the "Next" button). This bar even helps you by "remembering" which groups you have already seen. You can include photos with your ads by linking to them if these photos are stored elsewhere on the Web. You can perform certain functions from the web interface, such as modifying or deleting your ads.
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All adverts are placed free of charge this will enable you to make the most of this service until then have Phun!

This service is now in the final stages of testing, as of Saturday 25th November 2000 it is on-line. Should there be any bugs please E-Mail webmaster. We still have a few little nitty gritty details on the graphics and layout which should be finished by the beginning of March 2001.  

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