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Interesting Sites

-University of Mauritius
-JEC (The Joint Economic Council)
-Human Rights Forum - Mauritius
-Services de l'Expansion Econonique - Ile     Maurice

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Indian Ocean Commission

News Sites

Le Mauricien
Business Mag
5 Plus
Mauritius News

Mauritian TV/Radio

Hello News (TV)
MBC (Radio)


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Jadoo Ajay (Homepage)
Jaumbocus Fadhil (Homepage)
Janet and Gary (Homepage)
Jaumdally Shakeel (Homepage)
Jean Daniel Villiers (Homepage)
Jean-Michel de Senneville (E-commerce)
Jeetoo Javed (Homepage)
Jouannic Jérémy (Homepage)
Joymungol Ashvin (Homepage)
Jusrut Amrish (Homepage)



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