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The Mauritius Yellow Pages News - New Health Measures Against Foot And Mouth Disease

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New Health Measures Against Foot And Mouth Disease

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Posted to the web March 23, 2001

March 21, 2001 - Port Louis, Mauritius, Indian Ocean 

Mauritius Wednesday announced new health security measures at its air and sea ports in the wake of foot and mouth disease outbreak in parts of Europe, Africa and other regions of the world. 

All meat and meat products, fresh or cooked and brought in by passengers are being quarantined and destroyed, according to Agriculture Minister Pravind Jugnauth, who addressed Parliament on the issue Tuesday night. He said air passengers would be asked to fill declaration forms indicating whether they had visited an animal farm during the last seven days preceding their arrival. "Those who have visited farms would be screened for possession of animal products and equipment," the Minister declared. 

He added that passengers would be asked to walk through a disinfected foot mat as part of the screening, while all leftover foods from planes would be disinfected and destroyed at the airport. Jugnauth reiterated that a ban has already been imposed on live cattle from South Africa and Zimbabwe from last year.


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Do you think these measures should have been taken long before, since the foot and mouth disease has been spreading out for a while now and many people from affected countries have had time to come to Mauritius and spread the disease? Do you think Mauritius is safe from other diseases?

Do Mauritians feel concerned about the situation in other countries? Are they really conscious of the drastic effects such problems have on society and economy?

Do Mauritian consumers have full trust in the meat products (either local or foreign) they get on the market? Are people getting more and more suspiscious and are they taking decisions concerning their food habits?

Are people concerned about health conditions and regulations in slaughterhouses in Mauritius?




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