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The Mauritius Yellow Pages News - Mauritius Reports Four New HIV Cases

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Mauritius Reports Four New HIV Cases

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Posted to the web March 16, 2001

March 12, 2001 - Port Louis, Mauritius, Indian Ocean 

Health authorities in Mauritius conceded Monday that four new HIV cases - two of them pregnant women - were detected in the country last January. Dr Renaud Man Sun, coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Unit in Mauritius, said the four, aged between 28 and 30, may have been infected ten years ago. 

"It is only when they got ill and went to the hospital that we detected the cases," he said. Presently, 25 people infected with the virus have already reached full-blown AIDS and were being followed up at the Bouloux day center in Cassis, near Port-Louis. 

Officially, 57 new cases of HIV were registered last year. "The number will continue to rise as it is only now that we discover cases of people infected ten years ago," the AIDS official hinted. The first case of AIDS was discovered in Mauritius in 1987. Since then, 225 cases have been known, with 65 deaths.


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Do you think Mauritians should undergo regular HIV tests to prevent cases of pregnant women discovering they are HIV infected? Do you think Mauritian women would be more careful not being pregnant if they knew they had AIDS?

Are Mauritians aware of all risks concerning HIV and do you think they take it seriously? Or do they think "it won't happen" to them and do not see the importance of going through an HIV test?

Do you think AIDS is still a "taboo" for Mauritians since it is associated to sexuality or risky sexual lifestyle?




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